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Promoting the health & vitality of your pet

Simple, easy and accurate analytical testing service

The microbiome is home to over 1014 bacterial species, with links to immune function, energy and nutrient availability.

Dysbiosis (imbalances) are common.

The gut bacteria, eubacteria, roseburia and clostridiales, help to form a barrier against invasion from pathogenic bacteria, the barrier is called the 'Resistome'. Many of our pets have low levels of these good gut bacteria. The NGS test will accurately pinpoint low levels of all the good gut bacteria and make personalised recommendations on how best to increase them through dietary changes.    

Biome Testing Service

We began our commercial pet test in 2018 and were the first of our kind. Our service is based on population data and microbiome profiling, which we have collected since 2014 in collaboration with vets, research universities and pet owners. We have had the benefit of AI to help develop the profiles and offer the most comprehensive and accurate microbiome  testing service available today.

The PetBiome report is prepared personally by Dr. Carol Hughes a qualified Gut Microbiologist. Included in the price is a 15 min personal consultation with  Dr Hughes.       

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What we do at Biome4Pets

Biome4Pets is the first dedicated laboratory service in Europe, using the latest MiSeq NGS technology to produce a real time snapshot of the internal microbial community of your pet's gut.


The data produced by the test provides valuable insight into the diet, metabolism, and energy production, which together contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of our pets.  


Our service is simple to use and can be completed in 4 easy steps....

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It's easy to take a sample with our simple to use faecal Test Kit

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Find out how we identify the good and bad microbes in the gut community of your pet

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You'll receive a detailed report of the results which will help you to make the recommended dietary changes to rebalance your pet's health.

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Using the results from the Biome4Pets Test it's easy to make adjustments to your pet's diet to help rebalance their gut and improve their overall health.

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