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What our customers say about PetBiome

Petbiome customers use our service for many reasons, the most popular are for dogs/cats with diarrhoea, for advice on the best probiotics and for dogs with itching skin, food sensitivities and allergies. 


After applying the reports advice, I now have 2 happy and healthy dogs. They are in complete remission. I would highly recommend this test for dogs with ongoing stomach/microbiome issues especially if you feel you have come to a dead end with regards to treatment. Worth every penny.


I can’t describe the improvement to Poppy, understanding how to improve the biome to improve her arthritis has been a revelation to both myself and our vet. We now have a dog who runs around like a young dog. I can’t speak highly enough of the Petbiome test, it is a 5 star service for sure and an absolute must for owners of older dogs.


The service received has been excellent and as an added extra when I encounter a difficult vet, as last week when she was ill, I am armed with your report when I am told “we’ll get her off raw and on to proper food."

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