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The Biome Broth Study

The Biome Broth Study is a pioneering study for dogs. In this study we aim to answer a very important question.


Could adding bone broth to my dog's diet improve gut diversity?


This study is in partnership with Biome4PetsAnna Webb, Paleo Ridge and Boil and Broth.

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The Biome Broth Study is a pioneering study of a dog's gut microbiome and the influence bone broth can have in a dog's diet.

The study will work by collecting fecal samples of dogs that haven't had bone broth in their diet before, and are suffering from poor health.

Results will be analysed and then the dog will start drinking broth every day for 4 weeks, with no other changes to their diet and no inclusion of supplements during this time.

After the 4 weeks, we will test the gut microbiome of the dog and analyse the results.

We are looking for dogs to join this study.

As part of the study, after both biome tests have been taken, each participant is entitled to have an ongoing discount for Boil and Broth bone broth.

Anna Webb Canine nutritionist is also discounting her services and Paleo Ridge are offering discounts on their products too.

To enter your dog into the study, you need to contact Carol Hughes at

The Gut Microbiome

Every dog has a gut microbiome and it lives within their digestive system. The gut microbiome is made up of hundreds of different types of microbes including bacteria and fungi. The gut microbiome is like an eco-system within your dog. The microbes have a symbiotic relationship and work with one another. However, harmful bacteria and fungi can cause a disruption to the eco-system. If too many of the friendly bacteria are destroyed, then the harmful bacteria and fungi can overgrow leading to digestive problems, and other diseases.

A gut microbiome of a dog is vital to their wellness, we know that poor gut health in humans can lead to an array of long-term diseases including auto-immune, digestive problems, food intolerances and allergies, mood problems including depression, weight problems, low immunity, hormone deficiencies, skin problems and more. Humans and dogs are very similar, particularly when it comes to digestion, therefore we must consider that dogs would be affected in a similar way when they too have poor gut health.

Carol Hughes at Biome4Pets has been studying the microbiome of dogs for the recent years and has already made some incredible discoveries. "Through recent research and biome testing of dogs, we have discovered that ALL dogs have a poor diversity of bacteria in their gut microbiome." Biome4Pets take fecal samples from dogs to assess their gut microbiome and the results are astonishing, we therefore must consider the poor health of dogs nowadays, and the direct relationship with the gut microbiome.

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Get Involved

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in this amazing ground-breaking new study!

  1. The first is you could submit your dog to be part of this study.  contact Carol Hughes on

  2. The second way is to share and tell as many people as you can about this study. We want as many dogs as possible to join this study, including dogs from all backgrounds, breeds, ages and more. So, please help us to raise awareness and follow us all on our social media, tag, share and forward our emails on to as many as your dog friends as possible.

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