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Artificial Intelligence Versus Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Versus Human Intelligence and the Unique Role of Both In the PetBiome Report

Microbiome analysis for improved dog health using AI
Human and artificial Intelligence to improve dog health

PetBiome was established 5 years ago and ever since has been involved in the research of the complex microbial communities that live in the gut of our pets.

It’s been useful to have artificial intelligence to help produce the PetBiome canine reports because of the massive data set produced from the analysis of the microbiome.

Trillions of bacteria, biomarkers, and secondary metabolites are produced from each animal sample. AI is fantastic at repetitive data-driven jobs and decisions. For instance, with the population data from our 5 years of research, we’ve been able to detect 48 patterns of dysbiosis that can be recognised by AI, saving us this repetitive and time-consuming job of identifying which of the patterns/profiles of dysbiosis is relevant.

However, to be accurate, up to date and provide meaningful advice to help restore the health of the phenotype (the actual real live dog/cat), you also need human intelligence. Human intelligence provides the missing bits to complete the picture, which is different for each analysis.

Human Intelligence has the following Artificial Intelligence lacks-

a)skill (training in and the understanding of the relationships between microbes)

b)creativity (being able to search the global databases for new information on emerging pathogens)

c)complex problem-solving skills (the ability to match the health problem in the dog to the metabolites/toxins being produced by that pathogen)

d) knowledge of plant antimicrobial phytochemicals and other food items that can feed good bacteria whilst reducing the bad.

The combined Human and Artificial Information is then organised into a meaningful report that can be interpreted by a non-microbiology-trained human to manage and help the real live animal.

The role of gene sequencing in the analysis of the microbiome
Gene sequencing

PetBiome is the only gut microbiome test that exists in the world to offer this service.

Why would anyone want less for their beloved pet?

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