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The gastrointestinal tract of dogs contains a complex and dense population of microbiota, including bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa and viruses. Depending on the composition and activity of the bacteria, the microbes can be either beneficial or harmful with many links to health and disease.  

Gut bacteria also play a role in preventing weight gain through the digestion of food and selection and absorption of nutrients, one of the main components of weight gain is a loss of biodiversity and a reduction of the numbers of species associated with leanness.

Following several years of research into the microbial communities living within the guts of overweight/obese dogs, the PetBiome Prebiotic Plus contains the nutrients and active plant compounds that help select and feed those bacteria relating to leanness (see graph) without placing the dog on a low-calorie diet.    

The active ingredients in Prebiotic Plus are also beneficial for dogs that may not be overweight but have low numbers of bacteria associated with metabolism as indicated by the PetBiome Report.  

The active components of a plant called cyanotis were used in our trials, the veterinary/academia supervised research allowed us to then calculate an effective safe dose for dogs.

Feed as per advised in the PetBiome report to increase the good gut bacteria associated with leanness and good metabolism.

Content 100gm  1 x 2.4ml scoop per day.  

Prebiotic Plus

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